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Perimeter Surveillance

System Overview

One of the limitations of conventional HD CCTV camera systems as a security solution for perimeter surveillance is that if an intruder chooses to attempt access during times of limited light or by using camouflage tactics to conceal their movements they can evade detection.

High quality 24 hour surveillance systems are commonly used to protect critical infrastructures. As technology has advanced and when high risk perimeter protection is vital, the use of thermal image CCTV cameras can provide real time intelligent video footage when potential intruders are trying to gain access.

CCTV Systems – Why should you have one installed?

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Applications that are ideal for thermal CCTV perimeter monitoring

Thermal CCTV perimeter monitoring can be used for most scenario’s but deliver the best return on investment when used to protect perimeters where theft or fire risk will lead to critical breaches of security or significant financial losses:

  • Confidential or sensitive data
  • Storage of high value materials
  • Laboratories
  • Storage or use of inflammable value materials
  • Military or Government

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Benefits of perimeter thermal CCTV

Thermal cameras deliver images of objects emitting heat that the naked eye or conventional HD camera’s might not see.

  • Higher detection rates even in low light
  • Can detect intruders by body heat if even trying to camouflage
  • Advanced analytics and software reduces false alarms
  • Enhanced technology and range scan often mean less camera’s are required
  • Can be lower cost and ROI

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