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East Midlands Designer Outlet

McArthurGlen East Midlands is the leading Designer Outlet in the Midlands and has more than 65 stores, cafés and restaurants.

The East Midlands Designer Outlet site spans 25 acres, and is located near Junction 28 of the M1. With 13.7m potential shoppers living within a 90minute drive of the outlet, an ability to revert back to security recordings of the comings and goings on the site is an important aspect of safety and security. The ability to make clear public address announcements across the site in the event of an incident which may affect the safety of shoppers is also a key requirement.


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The Challenge

A CCTV system upgrade was necessary in order to improve security monitoring of the retail outlet and to meet new legal requirements governing the image quality of recording footage.

The new legal requirements for CCTV cameras stipulates that in order for images to be admissible in court, they must be able to record at a rate no lower than 17.5 frames per second. New cameras will record at 25 frames per second, which means system operators are are able to analyse camera footage recorded in high definition from their monitoring desk in the security control room.

Initially Tecserv UK was appointed to replace the CCTV System and later, in response to the ever changing landscape of new and evolving security threats, we were appointed to upgrade the existing PAVA voice alarm system to ensure louder and clearer public address announcements could be made throughout all stores within East Midlands Designer Outlet.

Communication was also key on this project as disruption had to be kept to a minimum so as to not disturb shoppers.

The Solution

Tecserv has an excellent relationship with the East Midlands Designer Outlet developed over the last five years as a result of its ongoing contract to carry out maintenance on their fire alarm system.

In total, 43 new HIK Vision CCTV cameras were installed in various internal and external locations around the Outlet. Eight different models of camera from the HIK Vision range were selected according to location and functionality requirements and includes a DS-2DP1636Z-D 360° panoramic + PTZ camera to the main car park.

In a later project,  Tecserv UK relocated the PA System rack and added two extra circuits connecting retail units that were currently not linked to the PA announcement system. We also replaced a number of existing loudspeakers and installed new speakers in the retail units which needed to be added to system.

Increasingly, CCTV and voice alarm systems are playing an important role in the safe management of buildings and measures to combat acts of violence and terrorism and these works have helped to ensure people, property and processes are protected.



The Outcome

Tecserv has  installed a CCTV surveillance system that meets the client requirements. In fact, the system manufacturer, HIK Vision, now reference this project as one of their flagship installations.

We also delivered an upgrade to the PA announcement system and continue to maintain all fire and security systems.

Tecserv UK is delighted to have helped East Midlands Designer Outlet improve the safety and security of shoppers and staff.

Martin Brightmore

Facilities Manager

“Our old CCTV surveillance equipment comprised a combination of systems with outdated technology that resulted in poor image quality. Tecserv has provided us with an exceptional new CCTV monitoring system which has improved our ability to carry out surveillance of the entire site and enabled our security officers to carry out their job more effectively.”

“The upgrade to the voice alarm system has ensured we have taken account of the latest potential security threats and are able to issue voice alerts to the staff, who in turn have been trained to respond appropriately. The system upgrade means that staff within each retail outlet will be able to clearly hear the security alerts and implement the response they have been trained to action in relation to each specific announcement.”



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