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Tecserv UK Limited is an approved SSAIB security installer which means we are authorised and have the relevant industry accreditations to advise and help design commercial CCTV systems most suited to your needs.

We have distributor agreements in place with most of the leading manufacturers of CCTV surveillance equipment.

CCTV recording systems have many benefits and will help protect against the risk of fire and theft. They are also very cost effective in reducing the need for a physical security presence on site.

The systems we install generally use remote monitoring of CCTV cameras by an alarm-receiving centre. This method of remote monitoring is becoming an increasingly popular and cheaper alternative to using on site security staff.

Your cameras are connected via the internet to a remote monitoring station and can be live 24/7. This means an audible warning will be issued to any intruder trying to gain unauthorised access. If they do not vacate your building as instructed the key holder of your property and the emergency services will be informed. The CCTV recording also means an accurate description and visual image of the perpetrator can be provided should further investigation or follow up be required.



We offer a wide range of options which include:

  • Day and/or night vision
  • Internal or external monitoring
  • Vandal proof systems
  • Wired or wireless network connectivity
  • Choice of camera style options
  • Choice of record and playback features

If you would like more information on CCTV systems or would like to book a free survey please call our sales team on 01773 764 626 or complete the enquiry form.