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Fire Alarm Maintenance

What is fire alarm maintenance?

Fire alarm maintenance or fire alarm servicing is an essential part of the safety checks a company is legally bound to carry out in order to ensure legal compliance and people, processes and property are protected.

Simply put, a fire alarm system is redundant if it does not operate effectively, placing the safety of your employees at risk and exposing you to prosecution.

At Tecserv UK, we believe that an ongoing programme of maintenance inspections, sometimes referred to as planned preventative maintenance( PPM),  should be part of your operational strategy to ensure the optimum performance of your fire, security alarm, access control or CCTV surveillance systems.

Why is Fire Alarm Maintenance Important?

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Why do I need a fire alarm maintenance company?

No-one benefits from false fire alarms which activate due to a fault or another unwanted false trigger. Tecserv UK will help you comply with your legal obligations by conducting a bi-annual inspection service so that you can rest easy knowing that your alarm systems have been inspected and certified as functioning correctly.

What’s included in a maintenance contract?

Our fire security experts are available to offer advice on which fire safety equipment and maintenance package will be best suited to your needs. We will also provide alarm test certificates so that you are able to prove that fire safety compliance processes have been met. We inspect all the components of your fire protection system, including control panels and software, detectors, MCPs and sounders, and extinguishers. You can rely on us to provide a comprehensive after-sales service and support package that is tailored to your budget and legal requirements and also ensures your system is in peak condition.

Why Tecserv UK?

Our mission is to protect people, processes and property. In doing so we help our customers to also protect their brand and their profits.

Most of us want to run a commercial or industrial business safely and securely. Achieving this means having the best in fire protection and security equipment and the support of a trustworthy maintenance and installation company like Tecserv UK.

Ultimately, we provide you with peace of mind – best fit solutions, reliable maintenance and support, fair and clear pricing structures.

Tecserv UK Ltd act as consultants to the insurance industry and to those responsible for Britain’s heritage buildings, including English Heritage and The National Trust so your protection is in safe hands.

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We are providing you with two free fire safety guides to help your business stay safe and help the responsible individual comply to fire safety legislation.


A guide to fire safety in the workplace

This guide provides business owners and responsible individuals with a reference
document regarding their legal responsibilities in respect of fire safety in the workplace.


A guide to fire risk assessments

This guide explains what’s involved in a fire risk assessment and the legal requirements your business needs to meet.


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