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Fire Safety Equipment

Types Of Fire Safety Equipment

In addition to a fire alarm system, which will include fire detection devices, call points, alarm sounders, control panels and other bespoke features such as water sprinklers and gas suppression, fire safety equipment may also be specified as follows:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire blankets
  • Fire hoses
  • Fire exit signage
  • Emergency lighting

Installing additional fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hoses in the right locations throughout a commercial property can significantly reduce the cost of fire damage and help to ensure people can evacuate a building in a safe and timely manner.

There is a wide range of fire suppression solutions available which can accommodate the varying needs of commercial, industrial and prestige buildings. For example; temperature controlled environments and locations where high value, easily damaged equipment such as computer systems are stored, or large or inaccessible areas.

Commercial Fire Alarm System – Why should you have one installed?

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In the event of a fire the primary objective is to protect people, processes and property.

It is a legal requirement for all businesses that more than employ five people to have a fire alarm installed. The type of fire alarm will be determined as part of a fire risk assessment which will also recommend if other methods of fire safety equipment will help fire protection.

Which Type of Fire Extinguisher?

Choosing the right type of fire extinguisher is important as use of the wrong type can make a fire worse. The main types of fire extinguishers and the type of fire they should be used on are highlighted in the graphic below.

What type of Fire extinguisher to use

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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Fire extinguishers should be regularly serviced and to ensure they remain in good working order and function correctly should they be needed. Legally, it is the responsibility of a business owner and part of the role of the responsible individual for a building to ensure that extinguishers are serviced in accordance with BS 5306-3:2017.

Tecserv UK offers a range of fire extinguisher maintenance service agreements which will help ensure your business is compliant.

How to Buy Fire Safety Equipment

Our team of fire protection and prevention specialists are accustomed to dealing with most circumstances and can recommend a wide range of high quality fire safety equipment.

We supply, install and maintain a comprehensive range of fire extinguishing products from leading manufacturers. All products we install comply with strict industry quality standards and Tecserv UK has BAFE, SSAIB and ISO accreditations.

If you require additional or replacement fire extinguishers or fire blankets we carry a wide range in stock to suit all applications.

If you would like to order fire safety equipment, please call our sales team on 01773 764626, email sales@tecservuk.com or complete the enquiry form below.

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