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Contactless Human Temperature Screening

System Overview

Human body temperature screening systems help to detect humans that are displaying signs of high temperature, without the need of personal contact,  and with the ability to screen multiple persons at once. This system is provides high accuracy temperature measurement rates of within 0.3 degrees.

These systems are ideal for identifying persons who are potentially infected and as yet unaware of their symptoms (high temperature) and allows real time body temperature measurement from a safe area. This would usually be from a central monitoring centre managed by experienced CCTV surveillance operators who can then deploy the action required. Persons identified with a high body temperature can then be screened and checked in more detail before they enter or exit public, commercial or industrial areas to prevent the spread of virus and other potentially infectious diseases.

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Why install Non-Contact Human Body Thermal Screening Systems?

Human thermal screening systems are most applicable for installation at entrances and exits to screen people leaving, working in and entering transport hubs such as rail and bus stations and airports; public buildings such as hospitals, libraries and offices; and commercial and industrial applications where large numbers are employed such as construction sites, call centres, shopping centres and factories.

In 2020, the UK was hit by the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic which caused an economic crisis on a global scale.

As part of the COVID-19 operating procedures that were implemented as a result of the pandemic, the installation of human body temperature screening systems should be considered in order to detect elevated skin temperature. The installation of thermal imagery cameras can form part of ongoing risk management and business continuity assessments and be an integral part of health & safety policies that enable companies enable fever detection and therefore potential virus carriers.

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System Benefits

  • Helps to prevent further spread by assisting in the early detection of high body temperatures
  • Enable companies to have an accurate, fast method of early warning of high temperatures
  • Persons with a high temperature can be segregated for further testing away from general public or footfall traffic minimising potential further spread.
  • Assists risk management and business continuity planning
  • Integral part of health & safety procedures
  • Temperature screening can be done at a safe distance

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