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The presence of CCTV surveillance equipment is key for security and loss prevention.

The main requirements within the retail industry when installing and maintaining intruder alarm and access control security systems are the need to prevent unauthorised entry and counteract theft.

The intruder alarm system has to flexible in as much as it has to be able to deter entry to the entire building out of hours, whilst also allowing a free flow of customers into shop floor areas during opening hours.  The system must also be able to restrict access to stock rooms and other back office areas to authorised personal.

The presence of CCTV surveillance equipment is also an important aspect of loss prevention.

Intruder Alarm System – Why should you have one installed?

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Key Challenges

The front of house areas of a retail outlet need to be as open and accessible as possible to allow shoppers to browse. This means anyone has access to the shop floor areas creating a potential security threat.

In addition, very often building designs create areas that are hard for shop assistants and store security guards to monitor.

In a busy shop environment, it can be hard to have ‘eyes’ everywhere to restrict access, so it is important to have an access control system that can be programmed to assist.

The system must also be reliable and not trigger false alarms as this will cause inconvenience and possible extra expense if the alarm monitoring company, the staff member on call or the police service has to attend.

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Our Approach

We work with store owners and facilities managers to understand building layouts and security requirements to ensure the most appropriate intruder alarms and access control systems are installed.

These can include access control systems with key pad, card or biometric operation to ensure accurate recording of people entering and leaving a building as well as controlling access to restricted areas.

CCTV is also a very good monitoring hidden areas and will certainly act as a deterrent against theft and provide high definition images to support any potential prosecution.

We also help by suggesting ways store managers can educate staff on the impact their behaviours can have on store security. Entering in groups or sharing passes can mean that staff are not logged as present at work, and should a fire break out they may be left unaccounted for. Leaving security and fire doors ajar means anyone can enter creating both a security and fire risk.

We also offer maintenance in affordable packages so that we can visit the store to carry out regular maintenance inspections to ensure the system continues to be fully operational and reliable.

At Tecserv we help to ensure regular planned maintenance and training takes place and that we help our retail clients ensure that their intruder and alarm systems support their security policies and procedures.

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