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How CCTV surveillance data can benefit retail marketers

We highlight the benefits of installing CCTV Surveillance Systems within a retail outlet and how the market intelligence gained from CCTV surveillance data can be used to improve marketing effectiveness.

In today’s retail environment it is common place to easily spot and identify that CCTV is in use.

Traditionally, CCTV is used for the sole benefit of helping monitor security and prevent losses.  A strategically placed  CCTV camera is very effective in deterring criminal activity! Especially if the images capture evidence of any wrong doing – whether this be customers, shoplifters, fraudsters, and even staff caught in the act!

Normally, the CCTV system is operated by on-site or remotely by security staff, or used post-incident to review and obtain vital data in the ‘continuity of evidence’ to bring about successful prosecutions. The systems installed are traditionally designed to take into account operational requirements, and the systems components and recording facility are chosen to meet security monitoring purposes.

Over the years, CCTV System technology has become more and more advanced. What was once thought of as “Sci-Fi” or only Government and military-grade specifications are now readily available to all businesses who want CCTV and even the most basic level of camera systems now have built-in advanced analytics.

These advances in CCTV technology mean that reputable BAFE and SSAIB approved fire and security companies like Tecserv UK can install systems that have the ability to provide CCTV surveillance data which can be used to gain insight and intelligence on customer behaviour.

As well as detecting human faces, some systems are even able to identify faces from images and can search quickly and accurately to locate CCTV footage featuring that person. The use of CCTV in the security arena has never been more capable of capturing and providing clear, high definition footage that can be used as evidence in investigations and prosecutions.

However, theses advances in technology are now crossing over into new arenas with some surprising additional benefits for retailers, who can now use CCTV surveillance data to determine their marketing strategy and tactics.

CCTV Surveillance Data and Marketing Intelligence

CCTV systems are now able to offer vast amounts of data which can be used by retailers to improve and shape their marketing strategies.

The intelligence that CCTV systems are able to capture means that retailers can accurately count people entering and leaving their stores. By adding cameras dedicated for this purpose to the existing compatible system, retailers can identify peaks and troughs in footfall and relate this to revenue taken during these periods.

For example, the CCTV cameras can be set to view specific brands or specific isles to capture data showing footfall and how long shoppers spent looking at specific items. From this data, heat maps can be produced showing the most popular and unpopular areas of the store.

CCTV Surveillance data

The data that can be captured is endless and can be extremely valuable marketing intelligence that the retailer can use to target shoppers and create in-store promotions for specific times, as well as themed areas that can be tailored to interest the customer. The data can also be used to determine the staffing levels required at each store.

These technological advances mean that the traditional use of CCTV systems has surpassed its use as monitoring security. It is reaching new levels by providing data and market intelligence that can be used to improve business performance.

CCTV is still advancing, and more and more analytics are becoming available. The collation and searching of data is getting faster and more efficient and it is proven that these capabilities can now assist many other industry sectors  – retail just being one of them.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of installing CCTV surveillance equipment or how Tecserv UK can help you protect your people, processes and property please get in touch or complete the enquiry form.



Mick Brooke

Mick has over 30 years experience working within the Fire and Security industry. Starting as an installation engineer and quickly progressing into both operational and sales management roles.

Posted on: 2 July 2023
Last updated: 10 July 2023
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Author: Mick Brooke