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Fire, Intruder Alarm, Access Control & CCTV Maintenance

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An ongoing programme of maintenance inspections, sometimes referred to as planned preventative maintenance (PPM),  should be part of your operational strategy to ensure the optimum performance of your fire, security alarm, access control or CCTV surveillance systems.

There are legal requirements for workplace fire safety and the obligation to ensure these regulations are complied with normally rests with the Responsible Individual(s).

Without stating the blindingly obvious, the immediate consequence of poor security and fire alarm maintenance is that people, property and processes will be placed at greater risk of damage in the event of a fire or break-in.

One of the most effective ways to avoid system malfunctions and the legal consequences of poor maintenance is to ensure you have documented evidence that you have ensured regular and thorough maintenance has been carried out, and any issues have been repaired and/or reported to management.

Tecserv UK offer a range of flexible maintenance support packages that we can tailor to meet your needs.  A maintenance support package not only ensures you have access to immediate support in the event of a system malfunction, it will also help with compliance record keeping and avoid emergency call costs.

We have a team of field based engineers who are experts at carrying out routine maintenance and delivering after care support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


In 2017, we launched a new ‘GOLD” maintenance package, which is a fixed price truly ‘all inclusive’ fire extinguisher service package.

Our team of experts are all fully qualified to carry out fire alarm maintenance, intruder alarm maintenance, access control maintenance and CCTV system maintenance.

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