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The Bulgari Hotel, London

The Bulgari Hotel situated in Knightsbridge, London is a contemporary 5-star hotel and one of the market leaders. The Bulgari prides itself on the standards it has set with the elegant architecture, legendary design and consistent high quality service.

It offers 85 rooms and suites combined with unrivalled facilities such as a; full gymnasium and physical training centre, 11 single spa treatment rooms and 1 private, 3 lane swimming pool, 47 seat cinema, unique cigar shop and a stunning ballroom. Bulgari also has hotels situated in Milan and Bali with restaurants in Toyko and Osaka. There are also planned resorts coming to Shanghai, Beijing, Dubai and Moscow.

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The challenge

As the Bulgari Hotel inhabits many guests expecting a luxurious stay, minimising the short and long term disruptions throughout the initial installation and continuous servicing was essential. It was also important to maintain the elegant aesthetics of the building throughout the process whilst maximising protection for the people, property and The Bulgari brand.

Garry Langham, Director of Security was especially concerned with the system being programmed correctly upon completion of the installation. It can take varying periods of time to have each detector programmed accurately to its specific environment.

The solution

Our solution involved a WINMAG GM System that integrates with the Vigilon software that helps the S-Quad detectors recognise their environment. Therefore, we decreased false activations to an absolute minimum.

The Bulgari Hotel chose TecservUK because of our vast experience and proven expertise in delivering a total fire safety solution. This involved the installation of a networked fire alarm including 4×4 Loop Gent Vigilon panels, Gent’s innovative S-Quad sensing technology, together with a full front end WINMAG Graphics Management System. As well as a PAVA public address system, disabled refuge, disabled toilet alarms, CO detection units, and leak detection system.

The outcome

The use of the WINMAG Graphics Management System helped return fire alarm programming to its simplest form. Simple to set up and intuitive by design, it integrates seamlessly with Vigilon software to provide a graphical view of the entire system, enabling easy location of a fire in an emergency and allowing rapid decision making through event-based control of devices.

The use of programmable sensitivity states also means S-Quad can be configured to address specific known risks such as steam and dust, allowing it to significantly reduce potential false alarms. As a result, we tailor programmed the units to their specific environment. For example, the units in the bedrooms were programmed to accept strong contamination from objects like deodorants whereas the detection units in the reception area would not.

We worked hard to ensure false alarm activations were kept to a minimum to avoid the loss of revenue by upsetting guests with avoidable evacuations. Since completion the Bulgari has experienced almost zero false activations and zero activation as a result of faulty equipment or poor programming.

We also continually service and maintain their systems. Our service offers the Bulgari, and all our customers ‘one engineer one visit,’ ‘fast response,’ and ‘first time fix’ commitment. These have helped us build trust and understanding with the Bulgari that any emergency issue would be resolved proactively and efficiently. Not to mention the remarkable levels of routine maintenance provided by our approved engineers’ expertise, our state-of the art systems and software and PDAs allowing real time engineering to increase administration efficiency.


Tecserv UK have been our provider from the very beginning, and we have been particularly impressed with their ability to reduce initial troubles to a minimum with the system settling down very quickly.

We required a well-rounded and proficient fire safety system to ensure our customers, staff and property is protected with the high level of fire safety assurance that runs parallel with the continually high standards the Bulgari’s ideology requires.

Gary Langham, Director of Security

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