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IT Server Room Fire Suppression

A fire in an IT server room or data storage centre can have catastrophic consequences. Business critical equipment may get damaged and there could also be a risk that data could be lost if recent back-ups have not been done.

Both of these consequences of fire damage are likely to have a severe impact on the ability of the business affected to continue to trade, especially if the premises is a shared data centre hosting servers for multiple organisations.

Therefore a great deal of thought and assessment goes into fire risk management in order to reduce the risk of fire and ensuring the fire alarm system will provide early detection and prevent the spread of fire to ensure damaged is minimised.

Your fire risk assessment will determine the type fire alarm system required, but in most instances a fire suppression system will be the required option.

Why is fire suppression best for IT Server Rooms?

IT servers are usually located in a room that is highly secure and often a sealed enclosure. This means that it is it possible to monitor the environmental conditions within the room using highly sensitive sensors that can detect the signals of fire.

The sensors are programme to detect changes in conditions and set off an initial alarm. Further activation stages will be trigger the activation of the fire suppressing agent if other conditions are met. A sealed room means that the fire and the suppression agent can be confined within the defined area to maximise its effect.

Using a suppression agent such as inert gases is preferable to other extinguishing agents such as water or foam as gas will cause less damage to equipment.

Commercial Fire Alarm System – Why should you have one installed?

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Types of fire suppression system suitable for server rooms

Other types of fire suppression system

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Tecserv UK has distributor agreements with most of the leading manufacturers of fire, alarm access control and CCTV surveillance equipment. You can therefore rest assured that the equipment we install is of high quality and meets all necessary safety standards.

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