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Northampton Motorsport

Northampton Motorsport was founded in 2000 and provides precision tuning services for high performance, sports and classic cars.

The company has become renown by motor sport and classic car enthusiasts who use their services for engine tuning and upgrade services.

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The challenge

Part of the tuning process involves the use of a rolling road which involves strapping cars down in a closed and controlled environment to simulate running the car under load from light load through to full load and maximum RPM.

This is a relevant process for any modified car, however classic and vintage cars have often been modified through the years to allow them to keep running, not least of which because they were designed to on four star leaded fuel.

What all these vehicles have in common is that they run on petrol and because the car is physically strapped down on the rolling road inside the building, it means it is not feasible to remove the car quickly.

Northampton Motorsport estimate that in the last 10 years over 4000 cars have passed through its tuning facility and in that time, there have only been two minor incidents of fire which were quickly dealt with.

The oldest car Northampton Motorsport has tuned was a 1912 model T Ford right up to current production cars. The most expensive car has been a 1957 Ferrari Testarossa which had just changed hands for £24 million!

The solution

It was recognised that should a fire occur, not only would there be a risk to life, damage to the building may affect business continuity and the third party liability risk was becoming much more significant due to the increasing value of the vehicles being tested.

The management therefore decided to take further steps to  increase fire protection and Tecserv was approached for advice as to what could be done to improve fire protection.

A fully qualified Tecserv engineer  visited the site to discuss the various options that might be suitable.

Having conducted research on the various fire suppression systems, Tecserv recommended using Firexo extinguishers.

At the same time, Northampton Motorsport took out a fire maintenance service agreement with Tecserv and having installed the new fire extinguishers we serviced all existing fire appliances.

The outcome

The Firexo revolutionary liquid is the one-size-fits-all answer that can handle any fire. Firexo is the only product on the market to fight all fires fast, removing confusion around which extinguisher to use on which fire.  It allows anyone to confidently tackle any small fire.

Northampton Motorsport now has the capacity to deal with a fire quickly without having to worry about selecting the right type of extinguisher or dealing with the mess caused by using a powder type extinguisher.


It was good that our Tecserv account manager had a keen interest in motorsport and therefore had an appreciation of our work, but that aside I was very impressed with their knowledge and willingness to research the market for the most up to date solutions and technology. They have been a pleasure to deal with and we know feel the threat posed by fire risks have been minimised as much as possible.

Troy Robinson, Director, Northampton Motorsport

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