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How Firexo fire extinguishers can prevent lithium battery fires spreading

Lithium batteries are now in wide use within millions of products such as electronics, vehicles and industrial tools.

Between 2012 and 2017 there were 49 major recalls on products fitted with Lithium-ion batteries. Whilst in the majority of cases all batteries are generally very safe, the anticipated much wider use of lithium-ion batteries may mean that failures become more prevalent and the risk of fire becomes greater.

The causes of these failures are typically due to a short circuit in one or more of the cells of the battery due to puncture or some sort of damage. This can happen if the battery is over charged or completely drained before re-charging. The lithium battery generates heat which can ignite the chemicals inside the battery causing internal reaction which releases highly toxic and flammable gases which could ignite and lead to a fire which may spread, placing lives at risk and damaging properties.

Within the home and business environment devices such as mobile phones, laptops, chargers and cables present the most risk.  When assessing how to manage this risk one of the primary precautionary measures is to ensure users are educated about the potential fire risk and ensure they do not leave devices charging when unattended or overnight.

In industrial environments it is important to consider the how products and equipment containing lithium batteries are stored and fire protection measures installed that will help to contain the fire.

These measures will involve ensuring fire alarm systems and fire detection devices are well maintained and working effectively. Appropriate placement of the correct fire extinguishers is also an important aspect of fire prevention measures.

Until now, there has been contraversary over which fire extinguisher is most suitable for fires causes by lithium-ion batteries as traditional fire extinguishers are classed for use by type of fire.

In 2019, Tecserv Uk became an approved distributor of Firexo Fire Extinguishers. This is a new type of multi-purpose fire extinguishing product that aims to remove the risk associated with the time that can be wasted checking which type of fire extinguisher should be used according to the type of fire class.

Firexo fire extinguishers


Firexo puts out fire fast and the extinguishing agent is multi-purpose, meaning that it can be used on all types of fire in domestic and commercial premises.

If you would like to discuss how Firexo products can help protect your people, processes and property please get in touch.

Grahame Tilley

Grahame has worked in the fire and security industry since 1979. He was instrumental in developing a small, regional fire and security alarm company into one of the industry’s most successful specialist companies.

Posted on: 2 March 2021
Last updated: 6 May 2022
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Author: Grahame Tilley