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Borg Warner Turbo and Emissions Systems

Borg Warner Turbo and Emissions Systems is a world leader in the provision and development of Turbo Charging systems for combustion engines. The company is constantly working on new technologies to further improve the effectiveness of their systems.

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The challenge

As part of Borg Warner’s development programme a new facility was required in Bradford, West Yorkshire where the design and testing of prototype Turbo Chargers takes place.

Tecserv UK was approached to develop an Automatic Fire Detection and Fixed Fire Extinguishing system to this facility to comply with their insurance and operational requirements.

The brief was to develop a reliable and effective system for this challenging environment whilst minimising down time and unwanted alarms. The Test Cells under normal operation provide many of the detectable effects of fire, with the potential for smoke, heat and flame to be present. They are also classified as hazardous, requiring both flameproof and intrinsically safe equipment.

The solution

The solution was the use of various innovative detection technologies including Triple Infra Red Exd Flame Detection, Intrinsically Safe Optical Smoke and Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors, operating on a coincidence basis so that the activation of one detectable effect provides a local alarm for operators to act upon, with the second providing automatic shut down of the facility and coincidence operation of the IG541 extinguishing system generating a total flood of the area.

In addition to the Fire Detection System there was also a requirement for a Flammable Gas Detection system to detect any leakage of fuel that would also initiate a safe shut down of the facility.

Increasingly, CCTV and voice alarm systems are playing an important role in the safe management of buildings and measures to combat acts of violence and terrorism and these works have helped to ensure people, property and processes are protected.

The outcome

The Test Cells have been in continuous operation and the design of the systems together with the ongoing support Tecserv has proved to be successful. The systems are resilient to the environment and providing reliable operation with negligible unwanted alarms, exceeding all of the customer’s requirements.


Following the successful completion of the system installation project, we established a maintenance agreement to provide regular preventative maintenance and access to Tecserv’s emergency callout facilities. This has ensured our systems operate effectively and comply with the applicable legislative standards and provide us with peace of mind.

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