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Hotel CCTV Systems

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Installing CCTV surveillance systems in the hotel environment offers many safety, security and surveillance benefits. Whilst CCTV camera’s are becoming a more common and accepted part of daily life, their use means compliance with data protection laws in order to protect the privacy of those being filmed.

A well-maintained system will ensure compliance with security regulations and also ensure you achieve high reviews for how safe and secure guests feel whilst staying at your hotel.

Key Challenges

Despite its benefits, CCTV can be viewed as an intrusion so it is important to ensure the benefits and rationale for installing CCTV is communicated to those it is intended to protect. This includes strict guidelines for usage and storage of any data that is captured.

Typically, when CCTV surveillance camera’s are installed in lobby areas, bars, restaurants lifts and lifts they are recording behaviour. Therefore, the quality of image is important, such that, should any untoward behaviours occur, they can be reported quickly and evidenced.

Our Approach

Our approach is to work with hotel management to identify the key areas that require surveillance. Typical examples include surveillance of car parks, hotel corridors, fire exits and areas where guests may be left alone, such as the swimming pool.

Effective and well-maintained CCTV systems and fully trained users are essential elements of ensuring hotel feel safe and secure when they sleep at your hotel.


Our Credentials

We are an approved distributor for most of the leading manufacturers of hotel CCTV surveillance systems and can help with installation, maintenance and training.

  • Quality assured company
  • Member of Constructionline
  • SSAIB certified
  • IFEDA member
  • BAFE certified
  • Safe Contractor approved
  • Distributor agreements with most major manufacturers
  • Fully qualified team of field based engineers offer 24-hour support 365 days a year

Some of the hotels we protect:

Tecserv is proud to protect hotels of all sizes across the UK, including: The Bulgari Hotel, The Ritz London, Le Meridian, Ibis Hotels.

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