The use of CCTV surveillance systems have many benefits and will help protect against the risk of fire and theft. They are also very cost effective when used to protect commercial buildings as they can reduce the need for a physical security presence on site.

Their video recordings and images are also very useful at providing high definition photographic evidence to support criminal prosecutions if the need should arise.

As well as recording and monitoring activity on a 24/7 basis, CCTV can augment other security measures with additional features such as facial recognition, people counts, audible warnings and line crossing triggers.

CCTV systems can also provide a 360-degree panoramic vision of any number of commercial buildings from a single monitoring point in a remote control room. This means that more than one building can be monitored in a cost efficient and effective way. This also helps to deter theft, vandalism and break-ins.

Once installed, it is important to ensure surveillance continues uninterrupted by ensuring the system is regularly serviced and maintained by a qualified engineer. As part of a regular maintenance programme, the engineer will check all equipment is fully operational, that camera’s and wiring have not been tampered with and all that fixtures and fittings are secure.


Key Challenges

The use of CCTV is growing in demand, yet so is the perception that it is becoming an invasion of privacy and perhaps too ‘big brother’.  The fear that systems will be hacked by cyber criminals and data leaked for commercial gain has also become a growing concern.

These issues can be resolved by ensuring that an SSAIB approved company installs and maintains the CCTV systems and camera’s monitoring your commercial premises.

Using encrypted passwords and maintaining a close control of access procedures together with appropriate data protection policies will ensure system integrity remains secure.

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