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Access control systems enable you to restrict and control the flow of people coming in and out of your buildings. As approved SSAIB security installers Tecserv offers a broad range of building access control solutions.

In recent years, incidents such as the theft of valuables and equipment from business premises during normal working hours have risen drastically. This is mostly due to unauthorised individuals being able to enter the premises without consent.

By installing electronic access control systems you will be able to control who is coming in and out of your building as well as log their arrival and departure times.

Most access control systems also offer additional features such as the functionality to be able to restrict access to specific areas of  your building during set time periods. For example to prevent access at night or over a weekend.

The types of building access control solutions we can supply, install or maintain include:

  • Key pad pin number controlled systems
  • PC based control systems
  • Finger print recognition systems
  • Other biometrically controlled systems
  • Audio or visual control

Electronic access control is the most efficient way of security your building and assets whilst remaining convenient.

If you would like to know more about building access control systems please call our sales team on 01773 764 626, email sales@tecservuk.com or complete the enquiry form.