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Restaurant Security Systems

Safe and secure access for staff and visitors.

It is a sad fact of the modern world that any public venue is now at risk of break in, theft and even terrorism. These threats are real, and restaurant establishments have a duty of care to protect those for whom they are legally responsible.

Many security professionals in the restaurant industry already have, or are planning, to improve safety and security. This may include enhancing door security, upgrading access control security and intruder alarm systems and installing CCTV.

Intruder Alarm System – Why should you have one installed?

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Key Challenges

As well as the public dining or bar areas, restaurant buildings will also have storage facilities, kitchens, toilets and may be a car park that requires security protection.

It goes without saying that a restaurant needs to be appealing to enter, otherwise diners will be deterred from visiting. When installing and maintaining their security alarm system in a restaurant, this is one of the key challenges Tecserv encounters. Unlike an office building, a restaurant would deter diners if everyone had to sign in!

Our Approach

Through liaison with the restaurant management team we develop a thorough understanding of each area of the restaurant and agree who should be allowed access.

These can include access control systems to ensure accurate recording of staff entering and leaving the building as well as ensuring diners are prevented from accessing restricted areas. We can also set up a timer system which will activate and protect access to public entrances during periods when the restaurant is closed.

We can install a wide range of access control options such as key card, fob, fingerprint, and biometric. CCTV is also very good at monitoring areas such as car parks and corridors to toilets and storage rooms and will certainly act as a deterrent for any potential vandalism.

We also help by suggesting ways to educate staff on the impact their behaviours can have on security. Leaving exit doors, fire doors or other limited access doors and windows open means anyone can enter, and sharing passes creates bad habits and reduces security.

At Tecserv we help to ensure regular planned maintenance and training takes place and that we help our healthcare clients to ensure that their intruder and access control systems support their security policies and procedures.

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