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Fire Suppression Systems

What are fire suppression systems?

Fire Suppression Systems are used to extinguish, control, or in some cases, entirely prevent fires from spreading or occurring.

These systems generally use water, gases, chemicals or foam to suppress the fire and are usually triggered by the fire detectors sensing the presence of heat and/or smoke or a change in the environmental conditions of the area being monitored.

Their use is usually determined by the outcome of a fire risk assessment and the building and contents that require protection from fire. This includes how important it is to protect the contents from damage that could be caused by water and foam and how they will react to the agent that is intended to suppress the fire.

Fire suppression systems are installed as a safety measure to give protection so that people are alerted quickly and have a better chance to reach safety. Also by reducing the severity of the fire and the amount of smoke and soot damage means that the damaging effect on equipment and buildings can be minimised.

Where are fire suppression systems used?

Typical uses include:

IT server rooms – where it is imperative to provide early warning of temperature changes and avoid damage to equipment
• Gas, Chemical and paint storage areas – where it is imperative to detect early signs of fire and suppress it as soon as possible to prevent explosion
• Open car parks – where open exposure to accelerants such as wind may mean fire spreading quickly to other vehicles and floors
• Vehicle repair workshops and paint shops where flammable materials could create explosion risk and damage to other valuable vehicles needs to be prevented.
• Battery storage areas – where acid escape could cause damage and an environmental hazard
• Museums, libraries and document archives where important documents would be damaged if water was used to suppress the fire.

Types of fire suppression systems

• Deluge Fire Suppression System
• OxyReduct Fire Protection System
Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems
Water Mist Fire Protection Systems
BlazeCut Automatic Fire Suppression
• Foam Fire Suppression System

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