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Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

Detecting potential fire hazards as early as possible.

Aspirating smoke detection systems or, as they are more commonly referred, ‘very early warning smoke detection’ are a solution that utilises continuous air sampling to ensure potential fire hazards are detected as early as possible

The design of the aspirating smoke detection system has many advantages over using conventional smoke detectors because it uses a sampling pipe with multiple holes. This eliminates deceptive phenomena such as dust and reduces the possibility of false or unwanted alarms so that your company does not lose time and money evacuating buildings unnecessarily.

The air is sampled and processed by a highly sensitive central unit. If smoke is detected it instantly triggers the alarm before the smoke is even visible to the naked human eye.

Aspirating smoke detection systems are extremely versatile and can be installed in most environments. The applications for which aspirating smoke detection systems are most advantageous include;

  • Server rooms
  • Restrictive areas
  • High ceiling environments such as factories
  • Aesthetically challenging buildings.


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Peace of mind and maintenance cost savings.

The products we use are built to the highest standard meaning they do not degrade over time, giving you peace of mind and saving maintenance costs.

We are approved distributors for all leading manufacturers including:

  • Vesda
  • GENT
  • Wagner

By installing an aspirating smoke detection system your business is given an immediate advance warning which could be the critical time needed to investigate the alarm and ensure no harm comes to your employees or damage to your property.

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