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Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Analogue addressable fire alarm systems overcome many of the limitations posed by conventional fire alarm systems.


With a conventional fire alarm system it is far more difficult to pin-point exactly where in a building the fire alarm has been activated. Conventional fire alarm systems do not have the functionality to wire specific zones within a building individually using a different circuit so that each zone can be identified. Consequently, should an alarm be triggered, the control panel cannot identify the area of the building in which an alarm has been triggered.  This can result in a lengthy manual search, particularly if the site is large. Locating the fire therefore poses many safety issues which can be eliminated by using the analogue addressable system.

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Analogue addressable systems are far more intelligent.

Each singular device has their own unique address meaning the position of the fire can be precisely located. The control panel and the devices are wired to communicate with each other in order to distinguish which particular device is detecting smoke or heat.

The ability to conduct this two-way communication also delivers additional safety and fire alarm maintenance benefits such as the ability to reveal any faults with the devices.

Tecserv UK has installed and maintained many analogue addressable fire alarm systems. Please click here to read our case study about our installation for North West Leicestershire District Council.

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