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Fire Safety Training

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Not to scare you, but – according to changes in the regulatory reform order (RRO) in 2005, it is now compulsory for company owners to comply with fire safety law – this includes fire safety training.

This usually consists of providing fire safety training and agreeing a person or persons who will be responsible for fire safety. All commercial, industrial and public buildings must have an appointed Responsible Individual (RI) who will uphold your fire safety procedures and policies. They will be liable if any regulations haven’t been followed.

The responsible individual must; ensure fire risk assessments are carried out to identify potential dangers, consider who may particularly be at risk such as disabled employees, reduce the risk of fire and employ precautions to deal with any remaining risk. Also a plan must be in place to deal with emergencies and record findings to review where necessary.

The employer will at all times still hold responsibility for providing a safe working environment and must ensure that regular maintenance of systems and suitable ongoing staff training takes place as well as ensuring there is effective and clear signage to illustrate emergency fire escape routes.


Just having fire extinguishers placed around your building may not be sufficient enough, training your employees to comfortably use the equipment substantially reduces damage done by fires and also gives staff a key life skill.

In the event that a fire does occur your staff must know to how to treat the different types of fires. The range of fire extinguishers present in your building will be tailored for your particular business environment as there are different options for tackling kitchen fires, electrical fires and other chemically related fires.

As well as being able to deal with a fire when it occurs, it gives workers the knowledge to help prevent fires in the first place. In the long run it could be cost effective for your business as if your staff know how to prevent fires and tackle them if need be, you are likely to avoid high costs usually associated with fire repairs.

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