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School Lockdown System

Lockdown procedures are becoming common practice in educational establishments.

In order to protect the safety of students, staff and visitors, an increasing number of educational establishments are implementing a ‘school lockdown procedure’ and using lock down solutions and technology to issue pre-recorded messages that deter, warn and inform when a threat or danger has been identified.

In addition, many schools are also using this functionality to issue a pre-recorded ‘welcome’ messages via a PA system so that visitors are greeted warmly as they into school buildings.

How commercial fire alarm systems can help protect students

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Key Benefits

Should a threat or danger arise, the school lockdown system can be used to inform building occupants and issue instructions.

The pre-recorded instructions are usually issued via a PA system or bell sounds using the fire alarm sounders.

Message alerts can vary from communications that alert just staff of incidents, which are usually covert messages that only staff understand so that pupils are not alarmed, or other recordings that provide more direct instructions such as asking them to return to their classroom or to evacuate the building.

The school lockdown system can also be used to deter loiterers outside of school hours who may be trespassing on school premises with intent to break in or commit acts of vandalism.

Scenarios that might trigger a school lockdown

The types of emergency situation that a lockdown system might be used to issue a lockdown alert include:

  • A threat in the surrounding area. These could include
    • Gas leaks or fire risk
    • Serious accidents
    • Security threat such as a bomb or terrorism
    • Acts of violence such as persons carrying knives or guns
  • A threat within the school
    • Entry by person(s) with malicious intent
    • Security threats

The above are some typical scenarios. Each educational establishment should carry out its own risk assessment  and use this information to determine their own individual lock down policy and procedures.

It is important to note that not all scenarios may require a full lockdown and so it is important that the communication system is capable of providing the appropriate alerts and that users fully understand them and take the right action. Particularly if a bell system is used.

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