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Intruder Alarm Systems for Industrial Buildings

Before installing an intruder alarm system it is important to conduct a site survey to understand the specific needs and requirements of the commercial buildings that need protection.

This site survey considers factors such as perimeters, building access requirements and any internal areas that need protection that also require open or restricted access.  It also includes deciding the type of access control system that is required, where the main control panel will be located and other external factors that may affect the choice of system.

Intruder Alarm System – Why should you have one installed?

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Key Challenges

False alarm activation is one of the major issues with intruder alarms.

Once an intruder alarm has been programmed and set, the intention is that its alert system is activated. This could be a silent signal to a response station, or audible alarm to deter entry should an intruder be trying to access a building or areas without authority.

False intruder alarm activations are costly and inconvenient. Most false alarm activations can be avoided by ensuring the alarm is installed and maintained by an approved company and by providing appropriate training appropriately.

Too many false alarms could also result in the emergency services downgrading their response to alarm activations from your commercial premises.

Using an SSAIB approved security alarm installation and maintenance company such as Tecserv UK can help to ensure your system operates efficiently.

The systems we supply can also feature additional components such as PIR motion sensors, dual tech motion sensors, sequential motion sensors, pet tolerant detectors, door contacts and external sirens.

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