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Office Security Alarm System

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An office environment can be just the kind of place to tempt the opportunist.

Their motivations can be varied – theft, vandalism, and now terrorism. These threats are real, and building owners, landlords, tenants and office managers have a duty of care to protect those for whom they are legally responsible.

Depending on the layout of your office complex, there may be multiple levels of access control that staff and visitors must pass through to gain entry. Security measures may include perimeter fencing, barrier gates, intruder alarm systems, building access control systems, CCTV surveillance cameras.

Key Challenges

Because many office complexes are open areas, when installing and maintaining a security alarm system, one of the key challenges Tecserv encounters is the need to balance the need for open access with the requirement to identify and verify authorised users and restrict their access.

Office complexes may comprise car parks, waiting areas, meeting rooms, IT rooms, storage rooms, staff canteens. Each has its unique requirements when it comes to protecting valuables such as confidential documents, IT and other electrical appliances for theft and minimising the risk of fire.

Our Approach

Ensuring that people, buildings and equipment are protected requires an effective and well maintained office building security alarm system, as well as users who are fully trained. It also requires that alarm systems service inspections are logged and documented. A well-maintained system will ensure compliance with building safety regulations.

Depending on the use of the office building, there may be many people who are legally responsible for its security. From the building owner, the landlord, tenant, and the appointed responsible individuals all have a duty of care to ensure the safety and security of people, property and processes. Everyone in this chain of command must be able to evidence that their security systems and processes are maintained in accordance with fire safety regulations and will prevent unauthorised access to their premises.

We can advise on the installation of access control systems to ensure accurate recording of people entering and leaving a building as well as controlling access to restricted areas. We can install a wide range of access control options such as key card, fob, fingerprint, and biometric. CCTV is also a very good monitoring areas such as car parks and corridors and will certainly act as a deterrent for any potential theft or vandalism.

We also help by suggesting ways to educate building users on the impact their behaviours can have on security. Leaving exit doors, fire doors or other limited access doors and windows open means anyone can enter, and sharing passes creates bad habits and reduces security.

At Tecserv we help to ensure regular planned maintenance and training takes place and that we help our healthcare clients to ensure that their intruder and access control systems support their security policies and procedures.

Our Credentials

We are an approved distributor for most of the leading manufacturers of intruder and access control systems and can help with installation, training and maintenance.

Some of the office buildings and company HQ’s we have helped protect include:

Coventry City Council, Office Depot, Nottinghamshire Police, West Berkshire Council, Geldards LLP, Derbyshire Building Society

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Tecserv UK has been appointed to install an open area smoke imaging detection system (OSID) within the Britvic Plc, UK Distribution Centre.

Tecserv has upgraded and now maintain the fire and security systems for sheltered accommodation operated by North West Leicester District Council