As the owner, curator or facilities manager of a heritage building or visitor attraction it is your priority to ensure the protection of the building and its contents.

The installation of a CCTV surveillance system means that from a single central monitoring point all areas of the building can be monitored and filmed. This acts as a significant deterrent against theft, break-ins and malicious damage.

Key Challenges

Due to their very nature, heritage buildings can be difficult to keep a close eye on. There are usually many corridors, cupboards, hidden corners and even secret passages!

Our Approach

We have experience of installing CCTV surveillance systems for heritage buildings and know how important it is to consider building aesthetics.

Working with you we will identify the most valuable assets or potential blind spots and specify a CCCTV system that will help you keep them under 24-hour surveillance.

We’ll also provide an ongoing CCTV system maintenance service to ensure your equipment is regularly inspected and that you remain compliant with all CCTV surveillance regulations.

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Ampleforth Abbey and College

Tecserv UK has installed and now maintain fire detection systems for the Ampleforth College campus in North Yorkshire

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