The transient nature of the hotel business means that the specification, installation and maintenance of fire and security alarm systems require specialist knowledge and expertise.

No hotel operator wants to hear a fire alarm – whether it be a false or real activation. The consequences are risk to life, lost revenue and reputational damage. It is therefore essential that all staff are well trained, the whereabouts of guests and visitors is logged, and fire evacuation procedures are well communicated.

Key Challenges

By their very purpose hotels present a potentially higher risk as guests are there to sleep, are in unfamiliar surroundings and may not be aware of the emergency fire procedures and evacuation routes.

Staff are generally working shifts and also dealing with new customers every single day. This can mean that training can be difficult to arrange and consistent levels of compliance with fire and security policies hard to achieve.

Another risk factor is that hotels involve operating a fire and security protocol over multiple floors. The last thing you want is a fire alarm to go off on a floor, leaving other residents blissfully unaware of the danger and still sleeping in their room, or the evacuation of an entire hotel due a false alarm activation!

This is where it is extremely important to have a fire alarm system that is capable of pinpointing a trigger point, that delivers a mix of audible and visual alarm signals, and staff are trained to know exactly how to deal with guests in a highly stressful situation.

It can also be difficult to execute routine maintenance to check all equipment is functioning effectively, particularly when guest rooms may still be occupied, or function suites can’t be accessed because an events is still ongoing.

Our Approach

Our approach when installing or maintaining fire alarm systems, intruder alarm systems, access control systems and CCTV surveillance equipment is to ensure a risk assessment has been carried out by a fire risk assessor, the maintenance of close relationships with the in-house team of responsible individuals and the installation of equipment that is fit for purpose.

We then work with the in-house team to schedule an effective programme of maintenance visits that ensures all equipment is inspected over a set time period, and accurate records are kept.

When appropriate we offer advice on staff training and fire and safety procedures and the best ways to educate both staff and hotel users, such as routinely explaining the evacuation protocols and evacuation points in the event of a fire to all guests on arrival.

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The Bulgari Hotel, London

The Bulgari Hotel chose Tecserv UK because of our vast experience and proven expertise in delivering high quality fire safety solutions.

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Key Features

Specialist Advice

Every business has different fire and security protection needs. We help you understand your business fire and security risks to ensure all potential vulnerabilities are considered.

Ensure Safety & Compliance

We’ll ensure your safety and compliance obligations are met so that your people, property and processes are protected. This avoids fines and possible prison sentences.

Business Continuity

The after effects of a fire or a security breach can severely disrupt your business and lead to lost revenue, reputational damage and diminished customer loyalty. Some businesses never recover.

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