The healthcare sector includes many types of businesses from large NHS hospital trusts, to out-patient centres, doctors surgeries, medical clinics, cosmetic surgeons, dentists, residential care homes, day care centres and other healthcare practitioners such as physiotherapy practices and wellness centres.

Tecserv UK understands the needs of the healthcare sector and can provide a range of fire, security, CCTV and access control solutions to ensure the safety and security of patients, staff and relatives.

Key Challenges

One of the major challenges is to ensure patient confidentiality and privacy is balanced against the need to protect against the risk of fire and intruders with malicious intent.

In environments where there may be sick people with limited mobility the need for a reliable fire alarm system has never been more important. The fire alarm must be capable of providing both audible and visible warning signals and the functionality to distinguish the area(s) affected by fire so that only those in danger are evacuated to safety.

Access control must allow freedom of movement within public areas, yet provide water tight security for restricted areas where drugs and expensive supplies or equipment are stored.

CCTV cameras in healthcare buildings can be useful in helping to deter or monitor crime in public areas, but the confidentiality implications of having a surveillance system in place and the legal obligations must also be fully understood.

Our Approach

Tecserv UK’s approach is quite simple. We think it is our responsibility to liaise with facilities managers and persons responsible for fire and security arrangements at the various institutions to help them install and maintain effective fire and security systems that are compliant with all legislation.

We also help by suggesting ways to inform users of the fire and security procedures they must be aware of and of the impact and risk to life not following them. This also helps to protect the Responsible individual and reduces the risk that they will be held liable for prosecution should an incident occur.

Fire alarms and intruder alarms are something that people don’t want to hear, and through regular planned maintenance and training we help our clients ensure that their systems support their fire and security policies and procedures.

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Potens UK

Tecserv provides fire and security systems maintenance to Potens, a national provider of health & social care support services for children and adults with disabilities and complex needs.

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Key Features

Specialist Advice

Every business has different fire and security protection needs. We help you understand your business fire and security risks to ensure all potential vulnerabilities are considered.

Ensure Safety & Compliance

We’ll ensure your safety and compliance obligations are met so that your people, property and processes are protected. This avoids fines and possible prison sentences.

Business Continuity

The after effects of a fire or a security breach can severely disrupt your business and lead to lost revenue, reputational damage and diminished customer loyalty. Some businesses never recover.

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