Heritage and listed buildings have massive historic value and most contain many priceless heirlooms. A break in and the theft or damage to something that was irreplaceable would be a disaster.

At Tecserv UK, we are dedicated to preserving heritage and listed buildings making sure the building and key areas within are only access by authorized personnel.

Working in association with the English Heritage and The National Trust on several properties, we understand the challenges of working on buildings like these and we will work with you to protect your people processes and property.

Key Challenges

Building aesthetics are always a key consideration as well as ensuring valuable items are protected, preventing break-ins, theft or restricted area from being accessed.

We’ll also provide an ongoing fire alarm maintenance service to ensure your equipment is regularly inspected and that you remain compliant with all fire regulations.

If the building is open to the public, it is important to ensure their experience is enjoyable whilst also ensuring valuable items are protected from the temptation to touch!

Our Approach

We work with building owners and facilities managers to design an access control system that helps ensure the facility is protected and only authorised people are allowed access.

There are a number of systems available with a variety of access control techniques such as key pad, finger print, access card or biometrically controlled entry. We will discuss your needs and help you protect your assets.

We’ll also provide an ongoing access control maintenance service to ensure your equipment is regularly inspected and that your system only admits the people it should!

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Uppingham School

Tecserv UK has been managing the school fire alarm system maintenance programme at Uppingham School since 2008

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