A commercial building can be designed to suit many business purposes. The commercial activities taking pace within them can vary from large scale warehousing, storage facilities, farm buildings, to garages and repair workshops. Very often offices, retail shopping centres and medical centres are also classed as commercial buildings.

The overall consideration when installing fire or security systems is to ensure that the most appropriate alarm and security equipment is specified according to the business use and related fire and security risks. This will be determined during the fire risk assessment and the security review.

Once installed, company directors and anyone nominated as being responsible for fire safety have a legal responsibility to ensure the fire alarm system and equipment is regularly maintained, and that a record is kept of inspections and any remedial works.

Key Challenges

As the business activities carried out in a commercial building can vary, the key challenge is to ensure the following:

  • People, processes and property are protecting by ensuring the right type of fire alarm is installed according to the commercial uses and fire risks involved.
  • CCTV systems are installed and camera’s well positioned with clear signage that CCTV is in operation in order to meet data compliance regulations.
  • Access control systems are installed and configured to only allow access to those with the right authorisation.

Our Approach

At Tecserv UK we have a team of fully qualified engineers who are able to interpret the requirements of the design specification.

We have distributor agreements with most of the major fire and security alarm, access control and CCTV system manufacturers and are therefore able to supply and install the systems best suited to the protect the processes, property and people working in commercial buildings.

Our expertise includes commercial offices, warehouses, chemical storage facilities. We also protect a film studio’s where all sorts of special film effects are carried out!


We therefore have an expert understanding of the important factors that need to be considered.

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