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Why Appoint a BAFE Approved Fire Alarm Installation Company

If you Google the phrase ‘fire alarm installation company uk’, you will get over 1.4 million* search results. This illustrates how hard it can be to find a find a reputable company with the skills required to install or maintain a fire alarm system to a BAFE approved standard.

If you now conduct a search on the BAFE website for companies approved to BAFE SP2013-1, which is the scheme that certifies companies that meet BAFE approved standards for fire detection and alarm systems, your choice is reduced to just 888 companies.*

So, as you can see, there may be a very high risk that you could unknowingly appoint a fire alarm installation company whose competencies have not been independently assessed, and as a consequence, the company you appoint may not have the skills to do the job properly.

BAFE is the independent, Third Party Certification registration organisation for the fire protection industry. They are the registration body that develops schemes to support quality standards that companies like Tecserv must achieve in order to become third party certified.

Holding BAFE approved certification therefore independently acknowledges that the company has the required competencies to provide fire protection services.

Sadly, formal accreditation is not yet a legal requirement for all companies that provide fire protection systems and advice, at Tecserv UK Ltd believe it should be.

If you require fire protection services for your premises, then our recommendation is always to look for a BAFE certified contractor.  BAFE is your assurance that the company you are appointing meets all the appropriate standards and are independently audited.

Tecserv UK Ltd is fully committed to having all the relevant accreditations we need to ensure our customers have peace of mind. If you would like a free site survey to assess your fire detection and fire alarm system, please get in touch.


*Figures correct as per search conducted on 20 January 2017

Colin Milligan

Colin joined Tecserv UK Ltd in 2010. He has been in the fire and security industry for 30 years + and in that time has held a number of senior positions. His experience helps to bring focus and growth to our sales and marketing strategy by being objective driven and KPI measured.

Posted on: 24 January 2017
Last updated: 24 July 2023
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Author: Colin Milligan