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St Paul's Cathedral complete successful test fire evacuation

The team from Tecserv UK was on-site at St Paul’s Cathedral in London recently during a fire evacuation and salvage exercise which was carried out by London Fire Brigade.

These exercises are held periodically to test the response of the fire alarm systems, Cathedral staff and the emergency services should an incident occur for real.

The fire evacuation and salvage exercise at St Paul’s Cathedral provided an opportunity for The London Fire Service to work with City Police and the St Paul’s team. As part of the exercise firefighters got to practise protecting the domed roof, rescuing casualties and protecting artefacts. It was also an opportunity to work with their 64-metre turntable ladder and a drone. Training like this means crews are always ready to serve and protect Londoners, and other iconic London landmarks.

Rebecca Thompson, Director of Property, for St Paul’s Cathedral, commented, “Tecserv UK has been maintaining and upgrading our fire alarm systems for the last 16 years and it is testament to this that our fire alarm systems performed as required during this exercise. Working alongside our team and those from the emergency service Tecserv’s ongoing support has helped us effectively test our response to such an incident.”

The Tecserv team was on-site to provide technical support and be part of the cohort of ‘family and friends’ who had volunteered to be at various locations within the Cathedral and be subject to evacuation instructions once the emergency was alerted.

Photo by Graham Lacdao

Colin Milligan

Colin joined Tecserv UK Ltd in 2010. He has been in the fire and security industry for 30 years + and in that time has held a number of senior positions. His experience helps to bring focus and growth to our sales and marketing strategy by being objective driven and KPI measured.

Posted on: 19 December 2023
Last updated: 8 April 2024
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Author: Colin Milligan