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Is it worth installing CCTV for commercial premises?

July 09th, 2018

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Is it worth installing CCTV for commercial premises is a common question we are asked at Tecserv UK, particularly by small businesses who think a commercial CCTV system is only for larger businesses. Also, the initial outlay may represent a significant investment.

Craig Barrington, Tecserv’s Security Operations Manager, outlines some of the key benefits that CCTV can have for businesses of all sizes.

In many respects CCTV is a bit like insurance, you only regret not having it after the event!

When asking yourself the question “is it worth installing CCTV for commercial premises,” the following are some of the benefits and reasons why companies install CCTV:

  • Security: The obvious reason, as CCTV is proven to be an effective deterrent against intruders. Given the choice between breaking in a business premises that has CCTV surveillance and one that is not protected it’s easy to see which will be the favoured option.
  • Loss prevention: Many retailers install CCTV to deter in-store shoplifting and to protect against any dishonest employees who may be raiding stock rooms.
  • Monitoring: The presence of CCTV can be re-assuring as well as a deterrent. For example, healthcare premises use CCTV to monitor at risk patients in a way that is not too obtrusive.
  • Evidence: The quality of HD images that can now be recorded are so good that facial recognition is possible, which can be the vital evidence needed to bring about a successful prosecution
  • Marketing: Not an obvious benefit, but many marketing departments are using CCTV recordings and analytical data such as heat mapping, to measure the effectiveness of new store layouts and garment displays to improves sales.
  • Reduce costs: CCTV can replace the need to have manned security presence, particularly at night.
  • Multiple site: Technology now means that the CCTV cameras installed in a number of locations can be linked together and monitored at a single monitoring point, which can also help to reduce staff costs or create time for them to carry out other responsibilities.

In carrying out your security risk review, just like insurance, CCTV can be a very worthwhile investment when you evaluate the likely cost of a theft or break-in. So, is it worth installing CCTV for commercial premises? We definitely think so!

Indeed, very often the presence of a well maintained CCTV system is also a condition laid down by an insurer before commercial insurance protection is valid.

If you are considering installing CCTV in your business premises why not call us for a free, no obligation discussion. We will help you review your risks and suggest the most cost effective surveillance solution.



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