Most educational institutions have been built to cater for a variety of mixed uses. A complex can comprise lecture theatres, halls of residence, kitchens and refractories, as well as laboratories and sports facilities.

Each area poses a different type of fire and security risk, especially science labs that may contain flammable chemicals and Halls that enable students to cook. However, when considering the best type of fire and security protection the most common requirements are a system that can be effectively monitored and maintained, a need to prevent false alarm activations, the need to provide early detection and warning of a real fire, and a procedure that enables the safe evacuation people.

Effective and well maintained fire alarms and security systems and fully trained users are essential elements of ensuring students, buildings and equipment are protected.

Key Challenges

When installing and maintaining a fire and security system for a college, university or school, one of the key challenges we encounter is the need to help the fire and security officer (or team) prevent false activations.

For many students, going away to live in a university may be the first time they have been left responsible to cook for themselves. We often hear stories of situations students who have forgotten food cooking in an oven or left pans on a hob that have burned and set off the fire alarm causing untold cost and inconvenience to fellow residents and the fire service!

And that is not to mention the risk to life caused by students deliberately covering alarms or setting them off as a prank!

Our Approach

Tecserv’s approach is quite simple. We think it is our responsibility to liaise with facilities managers at the various institutions we work with to help them install and maintain effective fire and security systems.

These can also include access control systems to ensure accurate recoding of people entering and leaving a building and well as controlling access to restricted areas. CCTV is also a very good at deterring tomfoolery and providing evidence of wrong doing!

We also help by suggesting ways facilities managers can educate students on the impact and risk to life these behaviours can cause.

Fire alarms are something that people don’t want to hear, and through regular planned maintenance and training we help our clients ensure that their systems support their fire and security policies and procedures.

Featured Case Studies

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Tecserv UK was appointed to install fire safety and security systems within the Portakabin buildings at six schools in Leicester.

Tecserv UK has been appointed by NCN Basford Hall to design and install fire and security systems to its Nottingham Campus.

Tecserv UK has maintained the fire and security systems installed at Middlesex University in London for the last seven years.

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Key Features

Specialist Advice

Every business has different fire and security protection needs. We help you understand your business fire and security risks to ensure all potential vulnerabilities are considered.

Ensure Safety & Compliance

We’ll ensure your safety and compliance obligations are met so that your people, property and processes are protected. This avoids fines and possible prison sentences.

Business Continuity

The after effects of a fire or a security breach can severely disrupt your business and lead to lost revenue, reputational damage and diminished customer loyalty. Some businesses never recover.

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