Tecserv UK becomes distributor of Firexo Fire Extinguishers

December 17th, 2019

Firexo is a new type of multi-purpose fire extinguishing product that aims to remove the risk associated with the time that can be wasted checking which type of fire extinguisher should be used according to the type of fire class.

The extinguishing agent is multi-purpose, meaning that it can be used on all types of fire in domestic and commercial premises.

It can be used on:

  • Class A – Solid Materials
  • Class B – Flammable Liquids
  • Class C – Gases
  • Class D – Metals
  • Class E – Electrical Appliances
  • Class F – Cooking Oils

Firexo is made of natural ingredients and unlike powder fire extinguishers, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Once Firexo has been used to extinguish a fire, it won’t reignite and in nearly all cases, the affected area is cool to the touch within minutes. This enables debris to be disposed of more quickly which means that depending on the extent of the damage caused, remedial works to restore the building to use can begin earlier and business interruption is also potentially reduced.

The Firexo range includes a variety of products to suit all needs and budgets for all business sectors. The range that Tecserv is able to supply includes:

  • Sachets – which can be used for pan fires
  • Small extinguishers for households and vehicles
  • A range of extinguishers in different sizes for or anywhere where there is a risk of fire.

Firexo can also be supplied in bulk for use within large buildings and by the emergency services.

Can I replace all other types of fire extinguishers with Firexo?

Our advice is to refer back to your fire risk assessment and the type of fire that is likely to occur. If there is always only going to be one class of fire, then we would advise the use of the extinguisher containing the specialist agent for that type of fire.

However, if there is likely to be ambiguity, and a risk that time will be wasted, and lives or equipment placed at risk whilst this decision is made, the Firexo is an alternative solution that can be considered. We advise that you obtain expert advice.

Please remember that your primary objective in the event of a fire is to warn others and evacuate the building as quickly as possible. A fire extinguisher should only be used to aid your escape if your exit is blocked due to a fire. You should NOT use the fire extinguisher and try to put out fire yourself.

If you would like to discuss your fire extinguisher maintenance or the upgrade of existing extinguishers please get in touch.