Coroner urges CCTV training following ride death

November 22nd, 2019

The Evha Jannath coroner’s inquiry highlights the benefits of CCTV surveillance cameras in both preventing, enforcing, and investigating incidents.

The investigation into her death in an incident at Drayton Manor Park back in May 2019 has delivered an accidental verdict. However, the coroner has said that she will be writing to every theme park operator urging them to conduct CCTV training for staff.

The court heard that Evha Jannath was “propelled” from a six-seater vessel on Splash Canyon at Drayton Manor whilst on a school trip with staff and friends. A jury concluded that the monitoring of CCTV “did not identify any misbehaviour” of the 11-year-old, despite the inquest hearing she had been standing up and “reaching into the water”. It also concluded that there was no opportunity to rewind the CCTV footage.

Whilst the coroner has chosen to focus on staff training, however well you train them, it will only be of use if the company has a CCTV system that is fit for purpose and capable of recording, storing and replaying footage to a quality that is admissible as court evidence.

At Tecserv UK, we work with our clients to ensure that the CCTV systems they have installed continue to meet the needs of their business and to ensure a regular maintenance is carried out to ensure they continue to operate effectively. We also help our clients upgrade systems as technology advances and what to look out for when investing in a new CCTV system.

The reason we adopt this approach is because CCTV has many benefits to businesses, regardless of sector in preventing, enforcing, and investigating incidents.

How CCTV helps prevent workplace accidents

Very often the mere presence of CCTV surveillance camera’s is sufficient to promote best practice and deter misbehaviour. When people know they are being observed and that there is constant recording of their behaviour and therefore no chance of denial or the opportunity to present mitigating arguments the risk of incidents occurring is minimised.

How CCTV helps enforce workplace accidents

Whilst this incident happened on a theme park, CCTV has benefits when installed within industrial settings as it can record the behaviours of staff in all areas such as production lines, warehouses and delivery yards. This means that any behaviours or machine operations that are not in line with company policies and procedures that might create a health and safety risk can be closely monitored, recorded and used to provide feedback or take action against the offenders.

How CCTV helps investigate workplace accidents

Most modern CCTV systems are now so technologically advanced that they record in high definition with very clear imagery that can help to provide irrefutable evidence.

Staff Training

CCTV monitoring can be used in the workplace subject to certain workplace CCTV laws. If CCTV is installed the employer should make sure the employees are aware. This is usually done by displaying signs to say where the locations of the cameras are.

It is then important to train staff how to use the system and provide instruction as to how they should be monitoring CCTV as part of their role. This should include regular refresher courses and assessments. If CCTV is being used to monitor public environments, there may be a requirement to hold a Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) licence.

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