Tecserv UK Technical Sales Engineer retires after 17 years

August 06th, 2019

One of our most long standing employees has announced his retirement after 17 years working with us as technical sales engineer.

We held a little office gathering to wish Alan well in his retirement, and staff gathered to present him with an ornamental sun dial for his garden and gift vouchers, but before he officially retired we sat down with him to do a little Q&A as a way of reflecting back on his time at Tecserv UK.

How long have you worked for Tecserv UK?

I started in 2002 when we were working out of a garage with only one computer to share between us. In fact, due to space there could be no more than 3 people in the office at one time!

What roles have you done?

I’ve always been Technical Sales Engineer which means I have been very much in a customer facing role, but I have always followed our teamwork ethos and assisted other departments as and when required.

What is your most memorable project?

I haven’t got an answer to this question really because a large percentage of the work that I have done at Tecserv UK has been end user biased and I’ve been lucky that a lot of these projects have been interesting.  Some have been more challenging than others, but I’ve been able to resolve issues and have sometimes built a stronger customer relationship due to this problem solving approach. It has helped that I’ve been able to call on the expertise of my colleagues and the support of management. All of the customers who I have worked with are memorable to me and their buildings are generally special in some way. The people I have dealt with have always treated me with respect and I have treated them in the same manner to the point where most are really friends now, which makes sorting out the inevitable issues easier to solve.

What have you enjoyed most about working at Tecserv UK?

I class myself as incredibly fortunate that I like what I do and that I’ve pretty much had a free hand as to what I do, where I go and how I work. I have the trust and support of Grahame, Colin and Neil so I make my own decisions. I’ve liked going to the different sites and having the opportunity to see some fabulous buildings, some of which have a long history. I’ve also enjoyed meeting the people that run those buildings. I’m a time served electrician who served a proper indentured apprenticeship, there aren’t many of those around now although there are a handful still at Tecserv.

The job that I do is exactly the same as being an electrician, but rather than doing the physical installation I do the installation in my head to come up with a method and a price for the works. Therefore I am still doing what I have always done but in a different way.

Something that I learnt from my apprenticeship and also from my Dad is ‘If a jobs worth doing, It’s worth doing well’ and that still rings true today.

What has changed most in the industry?

The way of the world and the speed of communication is continually piling on more time pressures and how  people progress through the work.  I’m not a fan of the expectation that everyone goes to university and I’m definitely not a fan of ‘modern apprenticeships’ of one day / one week training courses people come out as ‘experts’…… I’d better stop there!

What do you plan to do in your retirement?

I’m retiring in the Summer, which is nice, so I expect to do a bit of everything. I have a decent sized garden that needs some extra attention, I play in two bands so will get more time to practice. I love walking and being in the hills so I intend to spend more time outdoors. I also enjoy photography and I like practical activities so I look forward to reacquainting myself with and improving my woodworking ….in fact I can now DO anything that I Like…and I like the sound of that!

And on that note, from everyone at Tecserv UK – Alan, we wish you a long and happy retirement!