Is a multipurpose dry powder fire extinguisher all you need?

September 01st, 2017

Dry powder extinguishers are marketed as fool proof multipurpose fire extinguishers that will deal with a multitude of fires – so it begs the question – Is a multipurpose dry powder fire extinguisher all you need?

If this is the advice you are being given by your current fire alarm system provider, then Tecserv has an alternative opinion!

Dry powder fire extinguishers are very effective in larger open spaces such as petrol forecourts or warehouses as they offer a fast knockdown to flammable liquids and gasses.

However, in some cases, the risk of setting off a dry powder extinguisher in a confined location is greater than the fire itself!

Imagine throwing several kilogrammes of fine dust around a commercial kitchen, a busy restaurant or your office. Everything it touches is now contaminated.

Imagine all your staff and customers covered in it, getting the powder in their ears and down their throats. Add to that – they are now blinded by stinging painful eyes in a room that is filled with clouds of dust and has almost zero visibility – you can’t even see the fire exit to escape.

Agreed, using a dry powder fire extinguisher would have put the fire out if there was one, but sometimes extinguishers are set off by party goers or mischief makers or even by accident – either way – you are now out of business for days while you deep clean anything the dry powder has come into contact with, and any food products are no longer fit for human consumption.

You may also be thankful that your customers are only sending you dry cleaning bills – as the implications could have been worse – someone could have died.

So, could the fire have been put out by a different type of extinguisher without causing such a large-scale contamination and visibility risk?

If Tecserv had advised you, YES it could.

Tecserv has written articles explaining the different types of fire classes and the types of fire extinguisher to use on each class of fire . Please read them to learn more about the advice we would have provided.

Tecserv UK offers an all inclusive package which may be of interest to those responsible for negotiating the terms of their company Fire Extinguisher Service agreement. The Tecserv UK “GOLD service agreement for fire Extinguishers” is a fixed price truly ‘all inclusive’ fire extinguisher service package and means you may never need to buy a new fire extinguisher again.