Coloured doors for Vigilon commercial fire alarm system control panels

August 23rd, 2017

Interior designers and architects need no longer fear the blot on the wall of their designs now that the ‘Vigilon Plus’ range of outer doors for commercial fire alarm system control panels can now be customised to meet the individual requirements of the building.

Commenting, Colin Milligan, Tecserv Sales Director said, “It has long been the bug bear of interior fit-out specialists, architects and building owners that having invested heavily in the décor of their building, often to convey their brand image and to represent the company’s values, then we come along and install what is in their eyes a blot on the landscape of their design.”

He continued, “Having painstakingly worked through colour schemes for virtually everything else in the building, it was such a shame that something as simple as mounting a fire alarm system control panel could spoil the overall effect. In providing the option of a customised panel, customers are now able to select any colour to match the internal decor of the building.”

Key features of the new Vigilon range of outer doors include:

  • Coloured panels to match internal decor
  • Special finishes including brushed Stainless Steel are also available
  • Fits onto standard product without the need for modification
  • A lockable door is standard

Tecserv is an approved distributor for all products in the Honeywell Gent range.

The Vigilon analogue addressable fire detection and alarm system from Gent offers medium to large sized building owners the latest in system flexibility and control panel aesthetics.

Vigilon offers a degree of system sophistication that incorporates a host of features designed to make it the simplest system to install, configure and use.

As well as providing the user with clear comprehensive information in the event of a fire, Vigilon additionally provides an entire historic log of the system’s management information. Should a system fault occur a detailed explanation is shown and the user can at any time navigate through the faults history.

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