Fears over using Hikvision CCTV Surveillance Systems

August 02nd, 2017

There has been a lot of publicity in the media over recent months centred around the fact that Hikvision is a state owned Chinese company and how this may pose a risk to UK security. The media speculation is that CCTV surveillance systems installed in the UK could be ‘hacked’ and potentially used to ‘spy’ on the activities of UK companies and people.

The capabilities of these hi-tech security cameras have indeed caused much controversy and political debate. However, if we put this speculation aside, and focus on their  security monitoring benefits and the quality of the equipment and technology, Hikvision remains a market leader, with a 20% share of the UK market.

As an approved distributor of Hikvision CCTV surveillance equipment Tecserv UK is also keen to allay the fears that the technology can be hacked.

Whilst, in theory, it may be possible for this to occur if the CCTV system is installed and controlled using a Hikvision network, this risk can almost always be eliminated if the systems installed in the UK are controlled using the company’s own IT network. These networks will almost always be independent to the Hikvision network and have highly secure firewalls to prevent hacking and appropriate password protection.

These state-of-the-art surveillance cameras monitor the movements of millions of Britons going about their daily lives in commercial buildings, transport hubs, government buildings, sports stadiums, and high streets. They are helping to reduce crime and reduce security threats.

Tecserv customers that have installed Hikvision camera’s have been delighted with their new system. Hikvision’s high-tech CCTV surveillance systems can ‘see in the dark’, track vehicles, and count the number of people entering and leaving a building, as well as providing unparalleled ‘face-tracking’ technology. They are even able identify a person by their gait and produce HD images that have proven to be very useful when presenting evidence in Court to prosecute individuals responsible for crimes such as shop lifting, vehicle theft and car park vehicle damage.

Our most recent installation of Hikvision CCTV surveillance systems was on behalf of McArthur Glen at their East Midlands Designer outlet in South Normanton, Derbyshire, where Tecserv UK installed cameras to the shopping complex and car park.

Commenting on behalf of East Midland Designer Outlet, Martin Brightmore, Facilities Manager said, “Our old CCTV surveillance equipment comprised a combination of systems with outdated technology that resulted in poor image quality. Tecserv has provided us with an exceptional new CCTV monitoring system which has improved our ability to carry out surveillance of the entire site and enabled our security officers to carry out their job more effectively.”

If you would like to improve the surveillance and security of your commercial building and the ability to access high definition photographic evidence to the standards required to win future legal proceedings, please complete the enquiry from below.